CDM Policy

cdm policy statement – construction (design & management) regulations 2016.

Revo is committed to creating safe and healthy working environments and to the implementation of good Health & Safety practice in the design, implementation and delivery of all projects.

Revo will ensure that compliance with the requirements of CDM Regulations and associated Approved Code of Practice as a minimum and where possible, exceed those requirements in its duties as Designer and Principal Contractor.

Revo will ensure that all Employees involved with the design and implementation of projects are trained in all aspects of the CDM Regulations and, where necessary, specific training will also be provided relevant to a specific duty to ensure that Employees have the experience and understanding necessary to ensure that their duties are carried out in a competent manner.

Revo will ensure that all Subcontractors and specialist consultants either directly employed or referred by a third party have been assessed to ensure that they have sufficient training, resources and experience to demonstrate competency under the CDM Regulations prior to appointment.

When engaged as a Designer under the CDM Regulations, Revo will review designs with the project team to ensure that design risks are identified and addressed in the most appropriate manner to avoid or reduce risks to Health & Safety at source.

The commercial department will work with the project team to improve project safety and the Contracts Manager will take responsibility for co-ordinating and co-operating with the Project Team and CDM Co-ordinator.

The Managing Director is responsible for Revo’s compliance with the CDM Regulations. However, all Technical staff have responsibility for the implementation of this policy and ensure that Health & Safety is at the forefront of Revo’s philosophy at all stages of a project. Whilst Revo will allocate sufficient resources for staff training and performance monitoring, any issues relating to Health & Safety should be raised with the Commercial Director.

I have particular responsibility for health, safety and welfare and should be made aware of any difficulty in the implementation of this policy

Phil Basford, Managing Director,

Revo Ltd