Health & Safety Policy

health and safety policy.

Revo is committed to ensuring that the planning, management and resourcing of the Company’s safety management programme is addressed with at least the same degree of diligence and detail as are the Company’s other commercial, environmental, ethical and business objectives. The Company, through its Managing Director and fellow Executives, requires a comprehensive and pro-active attitude, identifying and managing the risks to health and safety of all Company employees and others who may be affected by the Company’s actions or omissions.

Revo is committed to seeking continuous and quantified improvement in the planning and management of health, safety and welfare at all premises and locations under the control of the Company. In furtherance of these objectives it is our declared policy to:

  • Appoint one of our Directors to have specific responsibility for the planning, management and co-ordination of the Company’s overall safety management programme;
  • Establish within this document core organisational structures and arrangements explaining how delegated responsibilities will be discharged by employees and, where applicable, independent service providers for the planning, resourcing and management of safety management standards;
  • Establish and maintain a safe working environment by ensuring that methods, sequences and systems of work are based on standards detailed in authoritative guidance and publications;
  • Establish and foster throughout the Company a culture whereby the identification, assessment and management of risks to health, safety or the environment are appraised from feasibility through to completion of any initiative or project;
  • Appoint competent safety management specialists to provide health and safety assistance to the Directors and all other managerial and supervisory staff in the proper and effective discharge of their respective delegated responsibilities;
  • Ensure all staff are provided with safety management awareness training to enable them to achieve a level of competence commensurate with their delegated responsibilities;
  • To have and maintain controls and records for ensuring all employees are provided with instruction, information and opportunities to contribute to the ongoing development of the Company’s safety management programme;
  • Annually prepare and produce Action Plans detailing objectives and priorities in respect of the overall safety management programme;
  • Involve and inform independent service providers in the Company’s safety management initiatives and standard setting objectives;
  • Monitor and report on applied safety management standards by means of systematic and impartial inspection and auditing;
  • Investigate and impartially report on any incident causing (or with the potential to cause) injury, damage or occupationally induced ill-health. Each such report to establish the chain of incident causation, explain conclusions and make recommendations to prevent or reduce the potential for reoccurrence.

Phil Basford, Managing Director,

Revo Ltd