How to Design a Hotel Room

How to Design a Hotel Room


As one of the leading hotel fit out contractors in the UK we have proven expertise across a wide variety of hotel projects, from small boutique venues to internationally revered brands. Hotels are a project unlike any other and it takes a great team and impeccable planning in order to complete these projects to the pristine standards that are expected in the hospitality industry.

Like any project, the brief is what outlines what the client is hoping to achieve. Different travellers desire different things in a hotel room and so, knowing your customer demographic is one of the most important aspects of the early planning stage.

Often, this will be dictated by the location of the project. Some travellers may be passing through and require a simple stop over room; other travellers may be driven solely by budget, while others will want interesting design features and luxurious surroundings.

The one thing all hotel rooms have, without compromise, is functionality. We take a look at some of the key features that are needed in order to design and build the perfect hotel room.

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A Good Night’s Sleep

Hotel rooms have a primary function, and that is to enable the guest to have a good night’s sleep. It sounds like the simplest of requirements but if you have ever stayed in a low-rated hotel in a nightlife hotspot in Europe, you’ll know just how important it can be to the enjoyment of your trip.

In terms of furnishings and design you should expect at least a king-sized bed with a well-balanced mattress and good quality linen, coupled with black out blinds or curtains and you have a dark and cosy haven in which to rest your eyes.

Sound proofing is also fundamental to a guest’s enjoyment of a stay; at the construction phase, it is important that superfluous soundproofing measures are undertaken to eradicate neighbouring ambient noise, echoes and any humming caused by HVAC systems.

Let there be Light

Any interior designer worth their salt knows the importance of lighting. Hotel rooms should be warm and welcoming and the switches should be easy to find and control. Many modern hotels will have some sort of smart functionality in their rooms; perhaps a central controller for lighting, media and room service in the form of a tablet computer.

Make sure the lighting is easy to control with or without the tablet, and please make sure there are lighting controls next to the bed – nothing ruins a mood than having to pad across a room to switch the lights off.

Got the Power?

Sockets are essential; in the modern world most of us charge our phones next to our beds overnight so guests need easy access to power outlets without leaving their bed. Don’t make the mistake of using up your bedside power sockets with bedside lamps – bedside lighting should be hardwired and controlled from a switch. Keep the bedside outlets free for guests to charge phones and laptops.

If you provide a desk or vanity unit, make sure that it is well-lit with access to power outlets so that it can be used in a number of ways i.e. A workstation or a place to do hair and makeup.


These overused and sometimes overlooked areas within hotel rooms can make or break a guests stay. If functionality is king; beautiful decoration comes a close second. From an operations point of view, hotel bathrooms must be easy and efficient to clean while giving the guest all the comforts they expect.

Good quality sanitary furniture and a powerful shower are two factors which can really affect the guests’ overall experience during their stay. Combining good lighting with ample drying space and you are ticking most of the boxes for an excellent hotel bathroom.

All in all, designing a hotel room is not so different from designing any other space in which people spend an extended period of time. It should be adequately equipped with creature comforts while ensuring that it caters for the demographic it is targeting.

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