Padel Tennis

revolutionising tennis

…with the World’s Fastest Growing Sport – Padel Tennis

Revo’s latest speciality is the construction of padel courts. Padel, also known as paddle tennis, is one of the fastest-growing sports with over 18 million players worldwide. Invented in Mexico in the 1960s, Padel is a derivative of tennis that is played in doubles on a 10-by-20-meter court, with a smaller ball than is used in tennis, using a perforated carbon fibre racket.


A padel court is defined as area 20m long x 10m wide enclosed above ground with a combination of glass and weld mesh rebound wall and fence panels supported of steel posts fixed to a concrete foundation with a synthetic turf play surface. Revo can handle the entire build and construction of padel courts.

Please see LTA Padel Court Data Sheet Guidance